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Father and Mother - International Horse Show Judges

Father and Mother with Grand Champion Arabian, Rafmirz

Helene on Rafmirz with Father holding

Helene, age 7 with Moonlight, winning the top blue

Helene and Father schooling at home

Helene, age 10 with Starlight

Helene, age 13 with Blue Marble, an imported Welsh Stallion

Helene with Blue Marble

Helene winning the 1953 Maryland Junior Horseman Annual Award

Helene with her imported Hanoverian gleding

Helene age 27, winning the blue with Kismet, an Arabian gelding

Helene and Kismet

Helene on Blackstone, a Morgan gelding

Helene and Blackstone

Helene and her Lusitano Stallion, Jalifa

Helene and Jalifa

Helene short lining her Lusitano Stallion, Borracho

Helene and Borracho

Paso Doble Dance Exhibition - Helene and partner, Ray Barrett

Helene Asmis